Revenge the Evil

                                                                                                             -See how to beat it.


An eye for an eye, equality of suffering, Payback, All these words define the “Revenge”.

Revenge is an Evil

Hatred and anger are the biggest evils inside a person and revenge is one of the resultant.

History is having many evidences about the ill effects of revenge. It has shattered many homes, ruined the peace of minds, streets had been flooded with blood. So what else it could be other than the #evil.                                               


Now the question arises, where does the revenge came from? Who is responsible for its creation?

Revenge is created by our own mind. It is the active form of hatred.

When we hate people there might be a situation where we start contemplating about those who made us suffer. We think so much about our suffering and the person, who caused it then there arises a situation where we start planning about the payback. We want them to suffer and pass through the same pain.

Anger & Hatred make us to plan and there comes the time of action. ACTION- In the form of revenge.

Reasons: “why we want to have revenge”

Reasons of taking revenge may be any: you got hurt, insulted, your valuable has been stolen, you are deceived and it could be many more.


How to beat the feeling of revenge:

Now it’s the time when you have the whole plan to hurt back that person, the evil is on your mind, everything is set, you are ready to hurt, and to take the revenge.

To beat this feeling of revenge///   you need to follow a few steps:

Why not to sit for a while and rethink.

Sit,      Think,     Write on a paper, who are you?

Answer yourself, your answer may be anything like, you are a human who is kind, generous, loving, living your life to stay satisfied as well as keeping others happy

Or, it may be

  1. You never hurt anyone.
  2. One who paid love to society & friends & will always do the same.
  3. Have never hurt people and even if you had, you realized your mistakes and apologized.
  4.  You love to stay happy but at the same time you think of people too.


# Note: who you are can be anything it can be a never ending story.

Think of yourself, read all the points written by you .


Now, let’s come back to your plan, just think about it, the revenge- You want to go for it,

The reason may be that either you want to make him/her realize his mistake or you really want to just hurt him/her because he/she was the reason of your suffering.        What is the reality? Just be sure. If your intensions are just to make him realize so are you sure that the way you are using will work, or it’s just a way of yours to give it a name of realization, the anger and hatred inside you might be fooling you and planning for their win over your patience and honesty it may be a plan to satisfy the evil of revenge.

Every negative act of yours will push you towards, hatred, annoyance, restlessness, sins, hypocrisy, and will tend to turn you up into a new person that you never wanted to be.

Just now you said that you are good, kind, and many more things. But by acting on your plans will you be the same person in future as you are at present.

You are going to do the same to that person, might be using the different ways but having a wrong intension  will never keep you calm at end because wrong things can’t be corrected  by using wrong ways, what is wrong will always be wrong anywhere everywhere in the world.

Fair enough if you are going to hurt him because he made you suffer in the past, but changing yourself and being a new person whom u don’t want to be is it fair??

Always remember, never change yourself for others, and never ever forget who you are.

Why are you here? What is your Aim in life as a person? Your Aim is to be good or just to make people realize their mistakes .If you really want the world to follow the humanity than follow that too.  That’s ok if people have forgotten the humanity but why to lose yours.

Never try to be bad because others are bad, never lose your ethics ,

 You are #YOU,

 You are what your parents have expected you to be,

 You are what YOU have expected yourself to be,

 You are what god has created you to be,

 You are UNIQUE,

 You are a part of Almighty, Never let him die in yourself, Let him live inside in the form of love, mercy, forgiveness, because if he will leave you will be left with nothing.  Only a body worth nothing, it will be buried and finally turned into ashes.

Just remember always.

A feeling of Revenge can ruin a life

It can destroy a happy home,

It may leave one in hardship.

Even if they had done the awful things to you, never be like them,

Because you are different, You are YOU, And stay the same.


Reforming a person who hurts you in any manner is better than taking revenge against him,

Why some persons are facing life imprisonment is only to reform the society and not to multiply revenge/enmity. Retribution is discouraged by all civilized society

If you initiate once again friendship with your enemy, you are killing the enmity and if you try to take revenge you will multiply the enmity.









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  1. Bharat . Ramchandani says:

    A lovely step towards a more peaceful World .

  2. Supal Sharma says:

    Congrates for your first post and way to go!!!

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